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Reviewer reactions to "ENDPAPERS"

Finally, most certainly, you will be exposed to the wittiest, most talented playwriting available anywhere. Dialogue and thought come out to the audience, obviously the mark of true genius. This is truly provocative drama on the New York theater scene, highly unlikely to be duplicated in any contemporary drama now playing. Thomas McCormack does it all.

If Kaufman and Hart had undertaken a comedy about the publishing business, they might have written "Endpapers" by Thomas McCormack. I say "might" because McCormack also has an underlying seriousness with which K&H would not have bothered.

"Endpapers" is a breathlessly fast, funny, and thoughtful comedy... as good at characterization as at repartee; keeps you amused, guessing, and often surprised; it is acutely observed and engrossingly portrayed, and emerges almost profound in its empathy for the paradoxes of human nature.

If all his work turns out as good as this, his first play, we can only wish McCormack long life and hold our breath.

NYTHEATRE.COM —Martin Denton

Though "Endpapers" is his first full-length play, it has a solidness and professionalism that belie that lack of experience. A crackerjack dramatist, a first-class entertainment.
There may not be a more involving or more satisfying drama in town right now.

WOR — David F. Richardson

A totally enthralling production that made me hang on every word. All the characters here are first rate and believable...this show is about as close to real life as one can get. Really top notch Off Broadway entertainment.

NEW YORK POST — Donald Lyons

"Endpapers" is a good play because McCormack knows the terrain of his small, intimate publishing firm and makes it interesting. And he knows how to make it live dramatically. "Endpapers" is exciting and dramatic.


NEWARK STAR LEDGER — Michael Sommers

"Endpapers" is the most satisfying insider look at business practices since "Other People's Money." McCormack also knows how to write an entertaining comedy-drama. "Endpapers" is smart, absorbing, and well worth seeing.


Performing Arts INSIDER — Richmond Shepard

McCormack is a fine, smart writer who really knows his subject — and the play is full of insights, high humor, thoughts that reach the corners of your mind. This show is a must for anyone who loves fine, exciting theatre.


TOTAL THEATER INC — Simon Saltzman

An interesting group, each one finely created for contrast by the playwright. Director Pamela Berlin does a terrific job.
We are taken by the fast and furious chatter of these passionate people...and the flair for the right word in the right situation. "Endpapers" is filled with wit, literacy and insight."



Thomas McCormack's first full-length play, "Endpapers", recently opened to a number of sparkling reviews, and let's hope he agrees with them. His play rings true from the confident opening moments when an amiable editor named Griff is reading a letter of complaint: "To the one who signs himself 'G' I am writing to say I am tired and sick of getting these rejection letters from you. You are not a nice person. So fuck you and all your household pets."
"Grover, tell everyone why you quit writing," the CEO says to his elderly, trusty No. 2.

"Public spirited, I guess," Grover replies drily — not to mention that his first novel came out the same week as "The Old Man the Sea", his second the same week as "Doctor Zhivago".
Welcome to the theater, Mr. McCormack!

A selection of adjectives:

"brilliant, explosive, exciting, dramatic" — NY Post

"infectious, sustaining, funny" — NY Times

"fast, funny, thoughtful, real" — New York Magazine

"suspenseful, smart, absorbing, satisfying" — Newark Star Ledger

"enthralling, first-rate, believable, top-notch" — WOR

"engrossing, first-rate, intriguing" — New York Daily News

"entertaining, persuasive, sterling, solid, splendid" — Time Out

"enthralling, laugh-punctuated" — UPI

"engrossing, complex, interesting, sterling, compelling" — Hollywood Reporter

"entertaining, exceptional, excellent, flawless" — CurtainUp










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